Monday, August 29, 2016

Act 7; Scene 2: In Which Robert is Scolded by a Crazy German Lady

This past Saturday Robert and I finally had a chance to go to the temple together.

We were so excited! We decided to do sealings (in which family members who have passed away are sealed together for time and all eternally vicariously through us), since we still had some time restrictions in our afternoon.

Now, I knew that sealings are sometimes tricky for me when I am pregnant. There is a lot of kneeling involved, and that tends to cut off my circulation and make me pass out. But! I was not feel nauseous or sick in any way, and I am not too big yet, so I figured it would be ok. I even still (barely!) fit into my temple dress :-).

The temple was surprisingly empty for a Saturday afternoon in Utah Valley. We were sent right into a room and got to work. Things were going well--we were switching it up a lot which helps everyone's knees. Midway through, a woman came in on her own. She was one of those types of people who you could tell the moment she walked into the room was a little...well...crazy.

Perhaps crazy is too strong a word? She pointed to the sealer and said, "You know who I am!" He said he did indeed, then politely asked her to remind him of her name. She told him, then continued to tell us all how she was from Berlin. And that she was just like everyone in the room--God's children are all the same, German or not. 

Anyhow, the session was progressing on, and Robert and I were doing some couples. I was feeling just fine! Then all of a sudden as I was kneeling there, I realized I was starting to feel a little nauseous. Then very hot. We were right in the middle of a sealing. "I can make it to the end!" I thought. About 2 seconds after I thought that, my vision started clouding over, and I realized there was no way I was going to make it to the end of that ordinance. I stood up abruptly and said, "I'm not going to make it." 

All I really wanted was to get out of that stuffy room and get some fresh air. But the minute I stood up, Sister Damsch hurried over to take my pulse, while telling us she was a German RN. She quickly declared that I had no pulse! Told me to sit down, look up, and hurried away to get me a drink of water (the water part I was very grateful for!) and some tissues, with which I started to fan myself, because I was so hot. 

She told me if it got any worse, I would need to lay down and put my feet up on the chairs. And to never, NEVER keep my head above my feet as I lay down. 

I was cooling down and feeling better, so the sealer proceeded with another couple. Sister Damsch sat across from me, eyeing my every move. After the ordinance, she came to sit by me, "Because you are not looking up, you are looking down. You need to look up!" 

I dutifully looked up. Good thing there's a pretty chandelier and gold designs to look at. 

As she sat there she tried to find my pulse again. For some reason she was not great at finding it....

Then she discovered that I was pregnant. "That explains everything!" she whispered.
"Yes," I whispered back. She asked if it was my first. When I told her it was my 3rd, she told me she also had three children. 

This time as soon as the ordinance was over, she stated to everyone, "She is pregnant! When is the last time you ate?" Lunchtime, I replied. She looked at her watch. "That was three hours ago! You need to eat every two hours, even if it is an apple or banana. You are eating for two now, you need to eat every two hours!" 

Not sure what I was supposed to do with this, but nod and say ok. (And we all know that I am not really eating for 2. I am eating for one and maybe 1/8, if even that. But trust me, I definitely get the every two hour thing. And I'm pretty good about that one!)

We did a few more sealings, then the sealer announced that there were no more daughters to do. So Sister Damsch got up to leave. On her way out she stopped in front of Robert, who was acting as a witness. She basically towered over him because he was sitting (and she was no small cookie either). She put her finger right in his face and shook it at him. Their conversation went something like this:

Sister D: "She is pregnant!'
Robert: (completely taken aback and red in the face) "I know she's pregnant" (after which another brother whom I think was starting to feel uncomfortable said "well that's a good thing!, ha ha")
Sister D: "She needs to eat every two hours, even just a bite!"
Robert: "Tell her that!"
Sister D: "No, you are her husband! You need to take care of her! She is eating for two! She needs to eat every two hours, even if it's an apple, or a banana. You make sure she gets it! You take care of her!"
Robert: "I do, I will"

At this point Robert was sounding very consternated. I thought he might loose his cool right there in the temple, over this funny, sweet, crazy German lady. This is the point where I said to him,

"It's ok! it's ok!"
and we all laughed appreciatively, as Sister Damsch turned to me and told me to take care, and headed out the door.

I think we all laughed for a bit after she left, simply because we had to. And I must say, the sight of Robert's face turning bright red and him getting frustrated at this funny lady really made me laugh! Especially when we are so ultra-aware that I eat very often--in fact it's one of my main complaints to Robert. 

Who knew that we would would come to the temple, and Robert would be chastised (for no good reason!) by a crazy German lady!!

To be fair, she was very sweet and attentive. Just a bit overbearing. Like I said, perhaps crazy is too strong a word? 

But that vision of her looming over Robert wagging a finger in his tomato-red face will stay with me forever!

I love you, Robert!!!!

(At least YOU'RE not the one who nearly passed out!)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Act 7: Scene 1: A Review of Our 6th Year as a Family, and a Toast to Year 7!

Wow, what a year! Some of the highlights include:

A trip to the Grand Canyon

  Many fun family outings. This is one of our favorite family photos!

Tommy has requested "ghost French toast" a few times (even recently!) since this, so I guess it counts as a highlight as our family year!

We had a great time being the three little pigs and the big, bad wolf

We had some gorgeous fall family pictures taken!

We explored some petroglyphs in St. George

We celebrated Thanksgiving with a pie party! Our contribution: mince meat, apple, and butternut squash

We celebrated Christmas like the crazies we are

Scarlet turned one!

And then immediately had a seizure and spent a night at Primary Children's

We attempted a home photo shoot for Valentine's Day

We got to help deliver George to Grandma

And hiked to the highest point in Zion National Park

We cheered Tommy on in a strider bike race!

And turned our baby into a troll

3/4 of us turned into Pioneers one day each week

And I drug Robert to my 10 year high school reunion.

We saw an elephant swimming--completely immersed!

And spent a glorious 10 days on Lake Hamlin in Michigan for a big Center family reunion.

Last but not least, we got to visit Robert's new work (that happened this year, too!) at Rakuten Marketing for their family super hero party.

And that brings us to today. What a fun year of family activities and adventures! In year 7 we look forward to a Christmas baby, a trip to Dinosaur Land, breaking into our giant, home-grown watermelon, and many more adventures. 

Here's to a great year 6, and a happy start to year 7!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Act 6; Scene 16: Summer Kid Mischief

We have been up to all sorts of mischief and magic the past few weeks.

Here's our proof.

I go upstairs for five minutes, and this is what I return to. A very happy minion who has unearthed every toy we ever had.

 Scarlet loves her Culver's custard

I'd say that's pretty magical! And get a load of this next picture--Tommy volunteering to vacuum the stairs!!!

I made carrot soup with all of the ingredients fresh from our garden! Doesn't this look beautiful?!

And Scarlet's new favorite hiding place.

Some more magic occurring at our house. Or as Robert would classify it, mischief!

Scarlet prefers to scrape the insides of her sandwich off before eating the outsides.

Another little minion face. This one is "Smile, Scarlet!"
My bathing beauty.

 She may have decided if she moved her high chair and used it as a tent, I wouldn't notice the mischief she is getting into...

This is Scarlet helping me wash the clothes, pioneer style. It obviously leads to dirtier clothes rather than cleaner. And of course, she insists on sucking on the dusty, dirty wash rag....awesome! 

Enjoying ice cream cones on a 100 degree day at the Pioneer Village.

And the grand finale, a video! Scarlet thinks she is as clever as Tommy to "roll" down the hill. I love her version of it!

As you can see, our toddler is quite the quirky little minion. Tommy, on the other hand, has been growing up like crazy! Anyhow, hope you're having a fun and slightly crazy summer, too.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Act 6; Scene 15: July is Heating Up!

Happy July, everyone! Here is what we've been up to!

We started off with Tommy's birthday. My favorite part of this video is him peeking inside the little hole of the wrapping paper, ha!

Cinnamon Roll breakfast with candles before Dad went to work

In other news, Scarlet learned how to drink the remains of her cereal milk.

Long story short, after totaling our Ford, we bought a used Kia Rio. I guess car shopping is pretty tiring--both of the kids decided to lay down on the concrete steps outside the little dealership!

For Tommy birthday dinner (a day late) we tried grilling pizzas for the first time. Thanks to Robert's and Mom's expertise, they turned out great!

I also made a giant fruit salad in a watermelon bowl. All of Tommy's favorites--fruit and pizza (with olives!). And of course, as much family as we could get.

Tommy's response to his new scooter was, "But I already got a bike!" Apparently you can only have one or the other! He has since learned to ride his scooter and enjoys it much more than his too large Spider Man pedal-bike. (He'll grow into it!)

Tommy asked for a strawberry cake, and a blueberry cake. Pretty fitting for a 4th of July baby, right?! Epic shortcake with candles! These three pictures of us singing to Tommy are Robert's favorites because of the progression of Scarlet's expression...

Tommy really doesn't like singing

and maybe Scarlet doesn't either?!
The next week brought the 4th of July. We decided to celebrate by taking Grandpa and the Uncles up to Brighton ski resort for a short hike, parade, and picnic.

Grandpa finally got some good Scarlet time while Grandma was in Idaho!

View of Silver Lake

Tommy with his heroes, Uncle Luke and Uncle Sam

The morning wore Scarlet out early. Notice the parade sucker in her hand and everything!

View from the hill we walked up at the ski resort
 That night we made it to our neighborhood 4th of July BBQ

They even had a bounce house this year, which the kids love. Scarlet cried and cried when she had to come out! 

Tommy had a little too much fun with the punch

speckles of punch all over him! punch chicken pox!
The next morning at 4:30am I took Robert to the airport for his week-long training in NYC. To say he was going there for his first time without me was disappointing is an understatement! Here are the few pictures he documented from his trip:
 Giant chicken parmesan from Florian's. The waiter asked if he wanted anything to drink, and Robert asked if they had lemonade. The waiter was very confused, and replied with, "well, I guess I could make you one." He was apparently shocked and confused at Robert's request!

View of the Empire State Building

While Robert was away, we had fun at home!
Scarlet the Super Hero

At the American Fork carnival

Scarlet ended up being very afraid of the carousel

That brings us to today, with a lovely Sunday afternoon stroll to the pond. Scarlet is 18 months old today. Wow!

throwing rocks in at the bridge

What is it with rocks and water?
 This is a cucumber we picked from our garden tonight. Tommy wanted the whole thing for dinner, and he ate it like corn on the cob!

Happy Summer, everyone. Hopefully I'll make it on here again before summer's end!