Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Act 5; Scene 32: Capturing the Perfect Portrait

I started out wanting to blog about Tommy's 3rd birthday, which is today.

But I found this sequence of pictures randomly on my camera, and I just had to share.

I suppose Tommy was trying to take some portraits of his little sister.

He caught all her best features--especially those leg rolls!

Gotta love it!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Act 5; Scene 31: The Saga of the Baby Contest 2015

In Lehi, we have a week-long city celebration called "Lehi Round Up Days." It's mostly centered around the Lehi Round Up Rodeo, which runs all week--but there are also loads of fun activities. Seriously, the whole city just comes to a standstill--the library closes early, the grocery stores have special events, residents set their chairs and blankets out on Sunday to save a good spot for the three (yes THREE!) parades on the coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

I mean, it's a huge celebration, jam-packed with fun events all day for a week. 

And folks, I love getting into community events like this. 

As I was perusing the Round Up magazine trying to decide which activities we would participate in this year, I saw the baby contest ad. I thought, hey, I have a really cute baby who smiles all the time. And this could be my only smiley baby. Also, the contest was themed--that meant costumes. Yup, that sealed the deal. 

I spent the whole week gathering items for Scarlet's "Dorothy" outfit (idea thanks to a cute dress from Grandma Center). I know it was kind of outrageous, but I was really excited! The day came and we headed to the Legacy Center (rec center) for the contest, with all of the other really cute babies.

Here she is:

Dorothy and Toto sitting in the "picture spot"
I love this concentrated face!
She loved playing with the banner

So adorable! I couldn't help but post all those pictures :-).

A whole bunch of Royalty (the Rodeo Royalty, Miss Lehi Royalty, and some others??) were the judges. I brought her in and she smiled and kicked, and they all laughed and said "She is the smiley-est baby!" And then I thought, hey, maybe she even has a chance to win a prize!

When I picked up Tommy from preschool afterwards, he asked about going to the baby contest. Apparently he thought he was going to accompany us, and was pretty disappointed. He REALLY wanted to go. Then my friend told me that the age categories go until 3 years old. But I didn't want to mess with nap time (since I already messed with morning nap for the babe).

Long story short, kids were awake, Tommy wanted to be in a contest enough to obey my instructions, so we threw on Tommy's superhero outfit and ran to the rec center 15 minutes before the contest ended. In the car, Tommy practiced telling me his name, his age, doing his superhero face and arms. What a cutie! But of course when we got there, he was pretty nervous in front of the "Princesses." He did manage to say his name as loudly as he could, hold up his fingers for his age, and give a little version of his super hero face. I thought, well, next time I'll just have a neighbor put on a crown and we can have our own contest at home! 

The good thing was, now we got to be there at 3 for the winners announcements, and I was excited to see if Scarlet placed at all.

Tommy ran laps around the gym while they called out winners. Scarlet didn't place, and I was strangely disappointed! Ha! Even though getting ready and doing it was a lot of fun. And then, they started announcing the 2 year old winners. And they called out "Tommy Center!" Thomas, who was running laps, stopped in his tracks and looked around like, wait, I think I know that name! I was shocked because he had been so shy, and we had literally thrown it together, after a week of prep for Scarlet! Ha! It was pretty exciting!

Holding his prize box outside the rec center
And then I found out...winners "get" to be in the parade on Friday. 

Oh man. I didn't realize that! What were we going to do? We borrowed my parents wagon and decorated it up, and I bought some little squirt guns to squirt the spectators in lieu of candy. 

And you know what? This little superhero had the time of his life.

It took him a bit to figure out the squirting thing

But he got the hang of it fast!

Great shot!

Oh my gosh doing the baby contest was worth everything just so that Tommy could be in the parade. He ran nearly the whole thing, in the blazing heat, squirting everyone who cheered at him. It was pretty hysterical to see him running along, cape flying, and then people cheered because he was so darn cute, and he'd run up and squirt them in the face. I was dying. 

He was also a little afraid of the horses in the line-up behind us, and was literally running away from them, and trying to squirt them down with water. 

With him trying to squirt everyone and wanting to walk, our contest buddies left us way behind. We ended up behind the horses, two marching bands, and a couple of floats from where we started. The spectators probably wondered who in the world we were! Finally Tommy hit the wall and climbed in the wagon and drank 3 sippy cups full of water. 

He was still happy at the end! These are the pictures Robert took when he picked us up at the end of the parade route. Tommy ran towards him to get him with the squirt gun.

I think that cape and shield that I bought nearly two years ago at some random warehouse sale were a good buy, don't you? Although those strange goggles from Grandma and Grandpa M might take the cake.

And that, my friends, is the overly-detailed saga of the baby contest. 

(Or in Tommy's words, the "big boy" contest).

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Act 5; Scene 30: New Things For Skiz

We've had a few new things happening with the little miss around here!

First of all, baby cereal!

And, giggles!


Act 5; Scene 29: The Nestle Family 5K 2015

We have a little tradition going with our family to do the Springville Nestle 5K every June. At least, we have for three years in a row now. And we all know that Tommy loves to run. So we decided to sign him up as a runner this year and see how far he could make it.

He was very excited leading up to the day of the "race." Seriously, he could hardly stand the anticipation. 

Then of course, the ONE day he decided to sleep in past 6am, we had to wake him up to get to the 5K! Isn't that the way it goes! We woke both kids up about 6:25 and raced to the race :-)

Unfortunately, it was raining when we got there and for the beginning of the race. We are starting to wonder if our race running is doomed to rainstorms. Thankfully it wasn't a downpour like the last 5k we did in May. Here we are nearly at the starting point:

Skiz's ready to ride!
Tommy did amazingly well. All of the people running/walking around really helped spurred him on, as well. At first he was very distracted by everyone and would constantly try to look behind him while he was running, which always resulted in him slowing down, curving, and almost being slammed by another runner or a stroller. Eventually he figured it out! We only had a few moments of this:

And a few moments of things like this (picking leaves from the trees, etc):

Besides that he ran the whole way! Luckily they had little orange cones marking the road the whole way. This was the best part for Thomas--he would run fast to each cone, and then say "I won!" Then he'd see the next cone, run to it, and say "I won again!" It was great. Those cones really kept us going. Plus it was pretty hysterical that he kept calling them "pine cones."

When we headed around the high school track which marked the end of the race, everyone was cheering for him. He would look at the people on the side, they would cheer and say "go! go!" and he would run faster. It was so cute. Here is the sequence that Robert caught of us going for the finish line:


Each participant 5 and under to run got a medal. Tommy was pretty excited to be able to go up and get his prize.

Sadly, we didn't win any other of the 100s of prizes. Oh well! We celebrated on our own by stuffing ourselves with hamburgers and milkshakes at Culver's for lunch.

And just because we need more pictures of this little cutie, here she is right before we loaded her up to head to Springville:

It was a great Saturday! I foresee track in Tommy's future. 

Happy weekend!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Act 5; Scene 28: A Trip to the Payson Temple

We have been watching the progress of the Payson temple on our trips to and from St. George. It looks stunning from the freeway, and we have been so excited to go see it!

Needless to say, it was even more stunning up close and in person. And it's in a lovely location--a peaceful neighborhood, close to the mountains. If it wasn't so far away I'd love to live in Payson after this visit!

Looking out on the neighborhood with amazing clouds

From the parking lot. I took this one while Robert helped Tommy in the bathroom. Robert has been doing a lot of potty runs with Tommy lately!

I think what we were most excited for, however, was taking Tommy. The last time we went to visit the temple (grounds), he kept wanting to go inside. We've had a few FHE lessons on the temple and feeling the Spirit, so we were extra excited that he could accompany us to the open house.

Tommy was so curious about EVERYTHING. I think his favorite parts may have been the air vents (they had a unique design), the oxen under the baptismal font, and the pictures of Christ. Many he recognized. Many that we have never seen before he claimed to recognize. He kept asking when Jesus would get there, and telling us that he wasn't home yet. 

What I loved the most about the temple were the dark, rich colors. The walls are golden, and the dark wood and rich reds and greens in the rug make this temple have a different feel than many of the white white temples I have been in. The stained glass also creates a warmth and color to the lighting inside--it is absolutely gorgeous.

We have also been trying to teach Tommy about feeling the Spirit. When we were in the Celestial room, we asked him if he was happy, and if he could feel the spirit. He said "Yes! Me do feel it! Me do!" And then put his hand up and sort of rubbed the air with his palm--showing us that he was "feeling" the Spirit. That made us laugh pretty hard. I guess it will be a while before he can understand any type of figurative language!

Here are some of the pictures from our visit:

Selfie with Dad!

Tommy was playing with his buttons, so I told him to put his hands down

He responded by literally putting them down on the ground. This is him on the way up.

One of our favorites. I mean, look at that face! Those arms!
Notice the gorgeous stained glass
And this is Tommy "doing his laps"

More laps...

And more laps.

 It is actually quite difficult to convince Tommy to stop "doing his laps". He is pretty obsessed with walking on lines or edges or whatever those stone ledges are called. 

We had a lovely morning together at the temple. What a special experience for our family. 

And of course as soon as we got to the car, Thomas reported that he need to go potty (fyi, the bathrooms were on the entirely opposite side of where our car was). Just as soon as Robert returned from the bathroom with Thomas, Scarlet decided to have a giant poop. So leaving ended up being a little hectic. We just never escape poop, do we?!?!

Families can be together forever. We are so happy about that (even with all the poop).

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Act 5; Scene 27: Robert's Birthday

It's no secret that I love surprises. And trying to come up with awesome surprises for my favorite man is such fun! 

This year I decided on a Park City over night trip. We have been talking about going up to Park City FOREVER because Robert had never been. Granted, we weren't going to go skiing and the summer attractions weren't open yet, but I decided that now was as good a time as ever! Thanks to my mom and dad (thanks, guys!) for taking Thomas for two days, I booked a hotel room just outside of Park City. All on the DL, of course.

When Robert got home on Friday after work (the Friday before his birthday), Tommy was already at my parents. He was adequately surprised. (he he he). Then I told him we had to be somewhere to eat at 5:30, so we'd better get going. I told him not to bother with changing his clothes, but he said he wanted to at least freshen up. Next thing I know he is asking where his deodorant is. Ah! I responded that Tommy must have taken it out of the drawer--and really don't worry, you smell great, we need to go! But he continued to look around for his deodorant and realized that his toothbrush was gone. And my toothbrush. And his contact stuff. 

"We're going somewhere overnight, aren't we?" 

Haha! Oh well, at least it was a surprise until then, with everything already packed in the car! We loaded up Scarlet (lucky duck she got to come) and headed to Kneader's in Provo where I had ordered dinner on the run for us. Then we made our way to Park City via the scenic route past Midway and Heber. And it was a lovely drive--the perfect weather and light at that time of day. 

We checked into the hotel, and called it a night (baby, remember??) Scarlet even slept pretty well in the pack-n-play till about 3am. And then after 5am when I let her snuggle with me in bed. The hotel had an AWESOME hot continental breakfast, and we stuffed ourselves. Hey, why not?

After breakfast we tried to play some pool or ping pong, but by the time we got there all the kids on spring break had taken over the game room. So we decided to check out and explore the city.

First we headed to the Olympic Museum.

We learned some cool things about the history of skiing in Park City. We also learned a lot about ski and snowboard apparel fashion....who knew? And we tried some funny games.

Trying to get the ball down the slope in the path
After that we headed to Main Street and just meandered around trying on $500 leather jackets (I didn't let any of us touch the $1500 ones), looking at art work, and perusing all the menus to see what we wanted to eat for lunch. Robert found a favorite--a Mangelsen photography studio. And just after walking out of that gallery, a nice little bird perched perfectly for him to take a few shots:

We ate an overpriced lunch at a fun little place on Main Street, then decided to head to the outlets. We couldn't find Robert any Sunday shoes, and at that point Scarlet had basically had it, so we decided to head home. It was a fun outing, and now Robert can say he has been to Park City. Next time we go we won't bring any kids :-)

Celebrations continued the next week. The day after Robert's birthday and the day before Luke's birthday we had a dinner celebration at our house with home made pizza. I made Robert one of his favorite cakes--a blueberry lemon with lemon icing. It was a hit!

One year older and wiser, too!

Happy birthday, to you!