Sunday, July 28, 2013

Act 3; Scene 58: I think Thomas Just Had the Best Day of His Life

The only other thing we needed to add to the day would be a splash pad/swimming pool to make it utterly magnificent.

First of all, he got a huge breakfast of blueberry pancakes with strawberries and syrup on top. Couple that with looking at all of the crazy kids running around during the ward breakfast, and playing with a plastic fork. Yeah, pretty much heaven.

After a very long and luxurious morning nap, we headed to Thanksgiving Point where we had free day passes courtesy of ancestry.com. 

First up--the dinosaur museum. We did not realize that Tommy's head would explode with excitement here:

Experimenting with Dad at the children's scientist exhibit

Lots of hands-on fossils and rocks to touch. And lots to see!

Crawling into the cave

crawling out of the cave

Playing with some of the stuffed "appendages" in a create your own dinosaur area

He found a friend!

Family about to be eaten! Plus random boy...
After the museum, we headed over to the petting zoo. Another mind-blowing success

What sounds kind of like a shriek of fear in this video is actually a squeal of joy. He could not get enough of the goats. 

We then headed home for another much needed afternoon nap.

After that we headed back and Tommy got to crawl in the grass and chase after leaves, wrestle and play tickle monster with Daddy, go on a train ride (that almost bottomed out due to the number of adults riding along with their kids....), flirt with some girls who found him very adorable, and eat a snow cone and a giant cookie.

Then Mom and Dad got to walk through the gardens for just a bit and see some beautiful flora and fauna. Here is one cool picture Robert took while there:

Wow. What a day. I don't think I've ever seen that kid have more fun--except maybe at the splash pad. I'm not sure we'll be able to top this one! Good thing he won't remember it, so we'll have a few more chances :-).

Happy playing, all!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Act 3; Scene 57: Oh the Life of a One Year Old

...Or, well, at least for this past weekend.

Going on a first hike

Carrying around toys in his mouth (all the time!)

LOVING the stream

also loving rocks
Pulling out all of the kitchen towels

Discovering a love for corn on the cob

And playing fetch. Notice how he wags his head when he crawls. 

Man, you gotta love being one. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Act 3; Scene 56: The Good Old Days?

Last night, Robert and I decided to have a little stay-in date of a movie and some popcorn.

(Originally going to be just half of a movie, because seriously, starting a movie at like 8:20ish for us is a no brainer we-won't-make-it-we're-too-tired; however, How To Train Your Dragon ended up captivating us all the way until 10pm!!!)

You know, we live in a house now. With room to put our stuff. We have a nice couch in a spacious (comparatively, people!) living room. You would think that we could sit and enjoy a movie in our living room like normal people. 

Well, it just so happens that because of our "spacious" living room and the placement of our couch being just a bit too far away from our 13" TV (you seriously have to squint to see it), we often opt to watch movies from the lap top on our laps. Last night we opted for the kitchen chair placed directly in front of the couch holding the lap top.

Also, I have this little tail bone issue. It makes it very uncomfortable to sit certain places for long periods of time, like the couch. The pressure just hurts too much. After experimenting with sitting on the crack in the couch cushions and on the tail bone pillow, I decided that sitting on the floor in front of the couch was much more comfortable. Soon Robert joined me there.

So there we were--in the nice living room of our new house, sitting on the floor in front of the couch watching a movie from the lap top placed on a kitchen chair in front of us. 

I found this pretty funny. 

It reminded me of something we would do in college, or in our tiny newly married apartment. 
(Except in college, we had a big TV and a couple of comfy couches. In our first new apartment, the couch was much closer to the TV, and I didn't have a tail bone issue....)

But! We DID finish the whole movie, just like the good old days :-)
Happy Date Night!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Act 3; Scene 55: Happy First Birthday, Robert Thomas!

WARNING! This post is looooong. With lots of pictures. But you've got to let a mama indulge, right? 


Our baby just turned one.

So many thoughts about this. A few being:

He is looking so grown up!
He is getting so smart!
He still looks so bald!
We survived!
He's still alive!
There is no way ever ever he weighed only 8 lbs.

However--one thought I have not thought nor will I think is this: he is growing up way too fast. Nope! He is growing and developing at the perfect rate. If it was slower I would go crazy. If it was faster I would go crazy.

But we sure are enjoying this age :-) Here is how we have been celebrating:

Only July 1st, Tommy got to open a few gifts from Mom and Dad right after breakfast:

sporting his darling new clothes from Grandma Center

After Daddy went to work (and after a quick shut-eye), we headed up to Grandma and Grandpa McFarland's to check out the new awesome splash pad in the neighborhood.

Pointed right to the water. So excited!

he loved watching the splashes of water on the concrete
Water in so many places! He just couldn't decide which one to go to!

After our trip to the pool and trip to the splash pad, I've discovered that I most definitely have a water bug baby. He LOVES it. He wasn't even deterred at getting splashed right in the face, or at how cold the water was. He was just shivering but still wanted more!

Due to quarter end for the accountants, Robert worked late Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday--so we stayed in SLC for dinner that night, and planned a formal party on the 4th when Daddy and most of the McFarland clan had work off.

I was excited to try some new holiday culinary experiments. I have a feeling the 4th of July is going to become a very BIG holiday around here!

Some of the spread:

Strawberry/blueberry/coconut cupcakes. The actual cupcake is striped red white and blue!

I thought this looked kind of like the flag on the moon. Notice the mini pbj sandwiches in the background.

Tommy's fruit cake!
We thought it would be fun to make lunch not only holiday themed, but Tommy themed--with all of his favorite foods. We served: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; fruit and yogurt parfaits; fruit cake (he really likes fruit); fish crackers; plain cheerios; animal crackers; with a veggie tray and chips and guacamole mostly for us adults.

The party

And then, of course, the berry flavored cupcakes. Tommy's two favorite things--cake and fruit. How could we go wrong?

A little freaked out about us all singing happy birthday to him.

He wasn't so sure at first, but he definitely warmed up to the idea :-)

 Then time to play with more presents!

He had just spotted this truck from across the room and crawled right over to it

All the while, sporting another darling outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Center!

Uncle Sam and Uncle Luke got him some sweet shades...

...which he may or may not like...

All in all it's sure been a fun couple of days celebrating. 

Thanks for indulging a sentimental mom.

And, just in--a sneak peek at our family photo shoot that morning. Can't wait to see more!