Sunday, December 27, 2015

Act 6: Scene 9: A La Holidays!

Wow it's been hard to keep up my blog lately! I have had so many posts swimming around in my head, but they somehow manage to never make it to the page.

So today it's a photo catch-up on some recent holiday goings. Then maybe after that I can get a few of my more wordy, thoughtful posts out!

The weekend before Thanksgiving we headed to St. George.

Inside the butterfly cave
coming up out of the cave. Tommy told me the butterflies were all gone to find food for their babies :-)
Scarlet's first time eating pizza

The dessert

We went on one trail with dozens and dozens of rocks filled with petroglyphs like this
 And on a side note, we went to the Hogle Zoo on the free day, the last Wednesday in November. While there, I watched this giant boa eat a rat. It was fascinating! One of the coolest things I have ever seen!

This year, the whole McFarland side of the family was together for Thanksgiving. That hasn't happened for a while!
          I brought all the stuff for the kids to make candy turkeys and play Thanksgiving bingo

And what better way to ring in the Christmas season than with a snowstorm? And a snowball fight!

And of course what better way to kick off the season than the Lehi Santa Parade?!

My Christmas cuties

We went to see Father Christmas at Thanksgiving Point farm country. He was so wonderful! He really took his time with the kids and was so gentle and kind. Tommy was nervous to meet him, but managed to get out what he wanted for Christmas, and listened to Father Christmas tell him to be a good boy and listen to his Mom and Dad and help others. Scarlet thought the whole thing was pretty strange, ha!

But Scarlet LOVES the animals!

Tree decorating with the kids is so fun! The tree was bottom heavy thanks to Tommy. And then of course Scarlet would try to pull them all off!

We went to a storytelling concert by Donald Davis, and I got a picture! I was so excited!!!

Scarlet practically falling into the toy box as she tries to reach for the last few things she can throw out of it

Gingerbread houses didn't last long!

He could have eaten the whole thing in one sitting!

Making gingerbread houses

He walked all around the yard making footprints in the snow. It entertained him for half an hour!

My snowman!

Scarlet's first ever pigtails!
 While we were wrapping presents, Tommy got stuck in the chair like this. And it was surprisingly difficult to get him out! I was laughing and he was starting to cry because we couldn't figure a way out! Finally we got him loose :-)

We got tickets to the MoTab concert!!!!

Me and my hot date at the concert
 This Christmas meant a trip to St. George to visit with all kinds of cousins! Tommy is pretty much over the moon about his cousins. I hardly saw him the whole time we were there!

climbing rocks at Dixie Rock

Hiking with Grandpa

Christmas angel!

Sunday before Christmas in St. George

Zion--at Weeping Rock

Of course, she was excited about the food. And her bandana bib is too funny!

A whole bunch of Centers! All the Center boys and their families

 We went to Zoo Lights at Hogle Zoo for Christmas Eve, because Sam, my brother, was working there. I'm not sure if this picture can adequately show how coooolllldddd it was!

Christmas morning! Did not disappoint!

He was excited with his longed-for jack-in-the-box. It was actually hard finding him one of those!

After a while Scarlet got the hang of how to open presents :-)

The family bad. Whistle and bells.

Me with the new Amazon Fire tablet. We are now a tablet family! Wow!

Tommy with his shark quilt that Grandma Center made him

Scarlet gave this giraffe a giant hug when she opened it. So cute!

Of course Grandma and Pa McFarland got him a helmet so he can be obsessed with bike riding like they are!
My peppermint Christmas cake

Surprise! Christmas checkered cake!
And those are all of the pictures I have uploaded on the computer now. Plenty!!! Hope you have all had a lovely holiday season, and enjoy the next week of New Year celebrating! 

Merry Christmas!