Sunday, May 24, 2015

Act 5; Scene 28: A Trip to the Payson Temple

We have been watching the progress of the Payson temple on our trips to and from St. George. It looks stunning from the freeway, and we have been so excited to go see it!

Needless to say, it was even more stunning up close and in person. And it's in a lovely location--a peaceful neighborhood, close to the mountains. If it wasn't so far away I'd love to live in Payson after this visit!

Looking out on the neighborhood with amazing clouds

From the parking lot. I took this one while Robert helped Tommy in the bathroom. Robert has been doing a lot of potty runs with Tommy lately!

I think what we were most excited for, however, was taking Tommy. The last time we went to visit the temple (grounds), he kept wanting to go inside. We've had a few FHE lessons on the temple and feeling the Spirit, so we were extra excited that he could accompany us to the open house.

Tommy was so curious about EVERYTHING. I think his favorite parts may have been the air vents (they had a unique design), the oxen under the baptismal font, and the pictures of Christ. Many he recognized. Many that we have never seen before he claimed to recognize. He kept asking when Jesus would get there, and telling us that he wasn't home yet. 

What I loved the most about the temple were the dark, rich colors. The walls are golden, and the dark wood and rich reds and greens in the rug make this temple have a different feel than many of the white white temples I have been in. The stained glass also creates a warmth and color to the lighting inside--it is absolutely gorgeous.

We have also been trying to teach Tommy about feeling the Spirit. When we were in the Celestial room, we asked him if he was happy, and if he could feel the spirit. He said "Yes! Me do feel it! Me do!" And then put his hand up and sort of rubbed the air with his palm--showing us that he was "feeling" the Spirit. That made us laugh pretty hard. I guess it will be a while before he can understand any type of figurative language!

Here are some of the pictures from our visit:

Selfie with Dad!

Tommy was playing with his buttons, so I told him to put his hands down

He responded by literally putting them down on the ground. This is him on the way up.

One of our favorites. I mean, look at that face! Those arms!
Notice the gorgeous stained glass
And this is Tommy "doing his laps"

More laps...

And more laps.

 It is actually quite difficult to convince Tommy to stop "doing his laps". He is pretty obsessed with walking on lines or edges or whatever those stone ledges are called. 

We had a lovely morning together at the temple. What a special experience for our family. 

And of course as soon as we got to the car, Thomas reported that he need to go potty (fyi, the bathrooms were on the entirely opposite side of where our car was). Just as soon as Robert returned from the bathroom with Thomas, Scarlet decided to have a giant poop. So leaving ended up being a little hectic. We just never escape poop, do we?!?!

Families can be together forever. We are so happy about that (even with all the poop).