Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Act 5; Scene 17: Holiday Season (Thus Far) in a Nutshell

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted. And we have been doing a lot! There are always so many fun things to do during the holiday times. Here's a brief (in a manner of speaking) picture tour of the last month and a half!

Thanksgiving in St. George:

A round of family pictures:

Sam, Carson, Luke

Because he can't resist an empty garden and a shovel!

A trip to the Lehi Christmas Parade:

Grandma and Tommy in action--always running
Decorated our Christmas tree:

No pants is the new fashion

Tommy decided all of the ornaments should go on a select few branches

The Ancestry.com 1920s  Christmas party!

8 month pregnant flapper!

A visit to see St. Nick:

Waiting in the looooooong line

He was very excited to sit on St. Nick's lap, although he wouldn't tell him what he wanted for Christmas...

Decorated a felt tree:

Saw some of Santa's reindeer:

Thomas and his best friend, Jack
I tried out a hippy headband:

We took a trip to Build-a-Bear to create "Babs" for little girl, arriving sometime very soon:

A McFarland extended family party:

And a visit from the Moses Lake cousins. We had so much fun with them! So much fun that...I only took one picture!!! These are the cousins jumping at the Museum of Natural Curiosity:

Tommy is constantly asking that his cousins come back to his house. We loved having them stay! Come back soon!
And that takes us pretty much to today.  Maybe I'll even be able to get a Christmas post in about the next two days :-)
Hope you have a fun-filled and relaxing holiday!