Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Act 3: Scene 25: It would be great to win this, wouldn't it?

I came across a blog the other day that is hosting a giveaway, and found this lovely little print:
 I fell in love. Isn't it cute? You should check out some of her other things here.

Happy Christmas decorating!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Act 3; Scene 23: A Few Pinterest Successes

I had the whole week off last week.

The whole week!!!

Consequently, I had more time to browse Pinterest, which turned into having time for some crafty, holiday things. 

As many pinners know, Pinterest attempts are about 50-50. 50% successful and 50% failure. I lucked out with 2 out of 3 successes this time.

Success #1: Cornucopia treats

Take some sugar ice cream cones, dip the tips in water and then microwave to curl the ends up like cornucopias. Then fill them with yummy treats!

This was really fun, and the kids loved the treats at the Thanksgiving table (although I discovered that most of the kids do not like jelly beans...)

Success #2: Candy Wreath

I LOVE wreaths on the door. They add so much festivity. This year I wanted something different and fun for Christmas. And inexpensive, since, you know, we're buying a house and all. For some reason when I think DIY I think "less expensive"...not always the case! Especially if you're thinking about the "time is money" thing. This wreath used up nearly a whole pack of hot glue sticks and five bags of candy. Yikes!

gluing gluing gluing gluing gluing

unwrapping unwrapping unwrapping unwrapping


Final product on the door

I think it turned out great. And I have a bag of extra mints, just in case some fall off (!) I'm excited to hang this up on the door of our new house this season.

Not-so-successful: Trio Trees

I was going for an elegant, classy look here. I think I may have accomplished that in the smaller two trees. But to me, the combination looks more like a project the sixth graders did in class. Maybe I will redo the tall one in different paper? We'll see. 

I've been busy around here! Next step--onto packing it all up :-). Wish us luck!

Oh, and for your enjoyment--Tommy loving the last bits of our Thanksgiving dessert. Or at least loving the feel of the ceramic dishes on his tooth-ridden gums.

Happy Holidays!