Thursday, May 8, 2014

Act 4; Scene 40: A Lovely Spring Sunday

Last Sunday we decided to jump ship from our normal routine and take Tommy on his first visit to temple square.

And I really wanted to see all of the tulips.

It was such a nice early morning on temple square. It smells SO GOOD. All those blossoms! And Thomas looked adorable, if I say so myself. Everyone we walked past commented, "Oh, he's so cute!"--either to us, or to themselves. :-)

Thomas enjoyed looking at the flowers--especially touching them, which we had to watch out for. He loved the water fountains. But most of all, he loved pushing his stroller. He pushed that thing all over temple square--running most of the time. The only thing that got him away from the stroller was the water fountains. 

I watched him running up to the fountains, flailing his little arms behind him, laughing once he got to the water, and turning around to tell me that there was indeed water in that big granite pool. I just wanted to freeze time right there--to remember every detail of his cute little face and his perfect, chunky little body making the most of the Spring morning. I tried to ingrain it all into my memory--every detail. I am so happy I get to share in his learning and growing experiences, for the short time that he will be this darling little toddler. 

And of course, we took lots of pictures.

That afternoon we went to church with my parents, and enjoyed a lovely Welcome Home, Sam! dinner as a family. We even finally managed to get in a family picture, since we forgot to on Easter.

Tommy loves hats, and he loves shoes. He found Grandpa's work boots and Uncle Sam's hat, and this is what we got:

gangsta Tommy!
Another weekend is quickly approaching. Enjoy the last little bit of Spring!