Sunday, March 6, 2016

Act 6: Scene 13: Tell Me a Story about Dragons

This has been the most popular phrase coming out of Tommy's little mouth the past few days.

Tell me a story about dragons!

I have made up so many stories about dragons in the past two days.

One about a shiny blue dragon that loved to fly over all of the world but had a hard time making friends because people were scared of him.

One about a blue and red dragon that loved to eat blueberries and raspberries and would change colors depending on which berry he ate more of.

One about a big, mean dragon that lived in a cave full of treasure and wouldn't share it with anyone, even when a girl came by needing money for bread, an old man needing money for medicine, and a young woman needing money for a dowry (??? guys, it's just on the spot thinking). He scared everyone away, and then one day he got his tail caught in a trap and no one would help him because they were scared of him and he had never helped anyone else. His fairy godmother showed up and made him promise to share his treasure before she let him go. So he tracked down those people and gave them cold coins and crowns and jewels, and made friends with people. When he got his toe caught in a trap next, everyone came to help him, because now he was nice to people!

About Pete's dragon (well, as much as I could remember of that--and I made up the rest).

One about Raxtus (the little dragon from Fablehaven), who protected a girl from a mean dragon, and flew her to safety.

One about a green dragon who lived on a purple mountain (of course grandma told this one and Tommy asked for it again, so I had to figure it out with Tommy's help).

Tonight, Tommy asked me to tell him a story about, and I quote, "A red dragon who doesn't have wings, can't fly, and doesn't have arms. And likes to sleep. And eats fish, candy, and gold coins." I told Thomas that he just told me a story! Now he can tell me a story about dragons!

...But he still wanted me to tell him about the wingless, arm-less, sleepy dragon who eats fish and candy. And apparently he actually EATS the gold coins rather that merely collecting them. Tommy corrected me on that one.

Now the trouble is trying to remember a dragon story that I told when Tommy happens to request the same one...or especially when he requests on that Robert has told him. This inevitably results in frustration from both parties.

I think maybe I should publish a book, "The Diverse Dragons of the World" or something. 

What have you been discussing lately? Dragons?