Saturday, June 23, 2012

Act 2; Scene 47: Just Some Pregnancy Cravings

Summer is such a fun time of year! 
It's sunglasses and pools,
warm grass for your bare feet,
Picnics and popsicles,
Roasted marshmallows and s'mores,
Fireworks and corn on the cob,
and most of all (at least for me lately):

I have never been a huge melon fan as anyone in my family can tell you, but every day for the last week I have been begging to bite into some dark red, juicy, luscious watermelon. Yum! Doesn't that sound absolutely amazing?!

After putting it off last week's grocery trip since they're huge and Robert's not the biggest fan, I realized what an awful mistake that was. This week we made a point of buying a whole watermelon (don't worry, it's pretty small) just for me to enjoy in our hot apartment. That's a healthy snack, right?

This is one of my largest tupper ware containers. Hopefully I can get through all of this deliciousness fast enough! Though I'm not too worried about it :-)

Another thing I have been craving lately are
Did you notice how roasted marshmallows and s'mores were also part of my summer list?
I don't know why, but any way they come they have been sounding soooooo good. I can just snack on them out of the bag. That's what these are for:

Thanks Lori for awesome jumbo 4th of July star marshmallows.
We should be able to make some killer s'mores with these!

Can you guess what Robert and I had for a snack today?

Watermelon chunks and oven toasted s'mores.


Happy summer cravings!

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