Monday, May 6, 2013

Act 3; Scene 47: A Tiny Glimpse at our Saturday

Last Saturday was officially dubbed a "yard work day."

Here are two pics I caught of Robert readying the garden for next Saturday's "planting day."

We borrowed our neighbor's tiller so what would have taken all day with a shovel took Robert 30 minutes.

Do you notice our dry grass, sprinkler problem? Robert spent the majority of the day (including some time last Saturday and this past Friday) trying to figure out our wacky sprinkler system. In the meantime, we've been watering it by hand with the hose...obviously not very effective. Tonight, however, the "sprinkler genius" in our ward is coming to help, so we hope the problems get solved!

But can you also see our baby lettuce and spinach popping up? So exciting!

I also didn't have a chance to snap pictures of me getting some weeds pulled, making scones for our tiller-lending neighbors, and running a few errands. 

Whew, a busy day. 

Just what a spring Saturday should be.

Happy Planting!

(And I hope your sprinklers are working better than ours!)

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  1. I find this amazing . . .Robert in the garden.