Thursday, July 18, 2013

Act 3; Scene 56: The Good Old Days?

Last night, Robert and I decided to have a little stay-in date of a movie and some popcorn.

(Originally going to be just half of a movie, because seriously, starting a movie at like 8:20ish for us is a no brainer we-won't-make-it-we're-too-tired; however, How To Train Your Dragon ended up captivating us all the way until 10pm!!!)

You know, we live in a house now. With room to put our stuff. We have a nice couch in a spacious (comparatively, people!) living room. You would think that we could sit and enjoy a movie in our living room like normal people. 

Well, it just so happens that because of our "spacious" living room and the placement of our couch being just a bit too far away from our 13" TV (you seriously have to squint to see it), we often opt to watch movies from the lap top on our laps. Last night we opted for the kitchen chair placed directly in front of the couch holding the lap top.

Also, I have this little tail bone issue. It makes it very uncomfortable to sit certain places for long periods of time, like the couch. The pressure just hurts too much. After experimenting with sitting on the crack in the couch cushions and on the tail bone pillow, I decided that sitting on the floor in front of the couch was much more comfortable. Soon Robert joined me there.

So there we were--in the nice living room of our new house, sitting on the floor in front of the couch watching a movie from the lap top placed on a kitchen chair in front of us. 

I found this pretty funny. 

It reminded me of something we would do in college, or in our tiny newly married apartment. 
(Except in college, we had a big TV and a couple of comfy couches. In our first new apartment, the couch was much closer to the TV, and I didn't have a tail bone issue....)

But! We DID finish the whole movie, just like the good old days :-)
Happy Date Night!

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  1. You did it! An entire movie. A good one, too.