Sunday, August 18, 2013

Act 4; Scene 1: The Start of Year Four

Today marks the beginning of our fourth year of marriage.


Wait, we've been married 3 years? Only 3? That number sounds so little. It feels more like...10 years, or something like that. Has it really only been for three years that we've had this life together? Hard to believe that lives can be so different and so completely intertwined in just three short years.

And those three years have been awesome! A few highlights from this last year of marriage:

Thomas's blessing

Threesome Halloween!

First family vaca to the Shakespearean Festival (along with another fam and their baby)
Purchase of our home! This is one of the first pictures I took here.
Baby's first Christmas
Family 5k!
Planted our first garden
Mom and Dad Center headed off to St. George for a mission

Baby's first birthday
Trip to the Cottage in Michigan

A pretty fabulous year! This year to celebrate, we left Thomas overnight for the first time with his Grandma and Grandpa McFarland, and we headed out on the town for a stay in a B&B in downtown SLC. 

We spent our evening going out to dinner and exploring the city.

temple square

GIANT new grocery store in City Creek (this is only part of the store, taken from the 2nd level. Yikes.)
Our B&B treated us to a lovely breakfast in bed

That was how we spent our Pioneer Day vacation.

Yesterday to celebrate, the whole fam (yes, all three of us) went to The Purple Turtle (thanks, coupon!) for dinner. Then Robert whipped up some of his delicious blueberry sauce from fresh Michigan berries that we poured on slices of cheesecake.

Then we hunkered down to watch our Red Box movie, Lincoln. It was amazing! So amazing that we stayed up way too late watching it and are now exhausted.

Well, here's to another year!

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  1. It is fun to see all that you've done this past year. I love reading your blog. You do so many fun things! I wish we could hang out. Happy anniversary! Love you all.