Saturday, November 8, 2014

Act 5; Scene 16: Robert Thomas Center, 28 months

Tommy still loves running laps anywhere and everywhere. He has added screaming to his running routine. Something about screaming while running, you know?
Tommy's favorite movie: How to Train Your Dragon, which he calls the "Drag Show"
He loves whispering to himself
He always asks for a hug (quite voraciously) when he thinks you're mad at him
He LOVES his "big boy bed"
He likes to "sneak" into our bedroom in the morning and peek in to see if we're awake
He insists on clasping his hands and making everyone else clasp their hands instead of folding arms during prayers
He says "Oh" after everything
Tommy's favorite foods: pizza, olives, ketchup, and plain bread
His best friend: Jack (whom he calls "Rack")
He asks frequently if he can go to St. Nick's house
He must start every day with milk and the "Drag Show"
He is still obsessed with Grandpa
He thinks there's a dog at every house we go to, and backs up to protect himself when we go to knock on the door. 
His favorite toy: Lamby
He likes to sleep with as many stuffed animals/toys as he can. This has included but is not limited to, his cement truck, his holiday card from Grandma, his severed hand from the Halloween costume, and about 6-7 different stuffed animals. 
 His favorite games: red light, green light and hide-and-seek

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  1. I can remember lining up stuffed animals all across my "bg" double bed and then slipping inti bed, myself, right in the middle of them all.