Sunday, June 7, 2015

Act 5; Scene 29: The Nestle Family 5K 2015

We have a little tradition going with our family to do the Springville Nestle 5K every June. At least, we have for three years in a row now. And we all know that Tommy loves to run. So we decided to sign him up as a runner this year and see how far he could make it.

He was very excited leading up to the day of the "race." Seriously, he could hardly stand the anticipation. 

Then of course, the ONE day he decided to sleep in past 6am, we had to wake him up to get to the 5K! Isn't that the way it goes! We woke both kids up about 6:25 and raced to the race :-)

Unfortunately, it was raining when we got there and for the beginning of the race. We are starting to wonder if our race running is doomed to rainstorms. Thankfully it wasn't a downpour like the last 5k we did in May. Here we are nearly at the starting point:

Skiz's ready to ride!
Tommy did amazingly well. All of the people running/walking around really helped spurred him on, as well. At first he was very distracted by everyone and would constantly try to look behind him while he was running, which always resulted in him slowing down, curving, and almost being slammed by another runner or a stroller. Eventually he figured it out! We only had a few moments of this:

And a few moments of things like this (picking leaves from the trees, etc):

Besides that he ran the whole way! Luckily they had little orange cones marking the road the whole way. This was the best part for Thomas--he would run fast to each cone, and then say "I won!" Then he'd see the next cone, run to it, and say "I won again!" It was great. Those cones really kept us going. Plus it was pretty hysterical that he kept calling them "pine cones."

When we headed around the high school track which marked the end of the race, everyone was cheering for him. He would look at the people on the side, they would cheer and say "go! go!" and he would run faster. It was so cute. Here is the sequence that Robert caught of us going for the finish line:


Each participant 5 and under to run got a medal. Tommy was pretty excited to be able to go up and get his prize.

Sadly, we didn't win any other of the 100s of prizes. Oh well! We celebrated on our own by stuffing ourselves with hamburgers and milkshakes at Culver's for lunch.

And just because we need more pictures of this little cutie, here she is right before we loaded her up to head to Springville:

It was a great Saturday! I foresee track in Tommy's future. 

Happy weekend!

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