Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Act 5; Scene 33: Pioneer Day FHE

Tommy has been into the movie Legacy lately. You remember that one from the '90s? Which is ok with me, because I ADORED Legacy when I was younger. Watching it with Tommy these past few Sundays still gives me the chills! And anyone who knows me knows I have a passion for the Mormon Pioneers. 

After telling Tommy every pioneer story I could think of per his request yesterday, we decided to go on a little "trek" of our own for FHE tonight.

We started out by talking about how pioneers didn't have grocery stores or electricity or cars. If they wanted butter, they had to make their own butter. Tommy learned how to milk the cow with the milking doll:

Then we poured cream into a jar and started shaking! Next we talked about how Tommy could only choose ONE toy to bring with him in our wagon. Naturally, he chose the largest toy he could think of. His shark. We donned our pioneer hats, and off we went!
Tommy pulling Shark in the wagon

Don't be deceived--he only shook better for a few seconds, and decided he'd rather pull the wagon
 I am certain this is the ONLY time you will EVER catch Robert in a cowboy hat. Amazing what we will do for family home evening :-). 
We even sent Tommy to collect buffalo chips along the way, and we ran into a band of Indians. While Tommy was telling us to run from the Indians, he pointed down at a bug on the sidewalk and said, "There's the Indian!" So basically he has no idea what Indians are. But somehow he knew we should run away from them.

When we made it to Zion, we got to sample our home made butter with some home made cornbread!

Tommy helped me make the cornbread. And he was VERY excited about eating it.
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Hope you all had a great Pioneer Day!

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  1. You are making wonderful memories. And who wouldn't want to take a shark...