Sunday, July 31, 2016

Act 6; Scene 16: Summer Kid Mischief

We have been up to all sorts of mischief and magic the past few weeks.

Here's our proof.

I go upstairs for five minutes, and this is what I return to. A very happy minion who has unearthed every toy we ever had.

 Scarlet loves her Culver's custard

I'd say that's pretty magical! And get a load of this next picture--Tommy volunteering to vacuum the stairs!!!

I made carrot soup with all of the ingredients fresh from our garden! Doesn't this look beautiful?!

And Scarlet's new favorite hiding place.

Some more magic occurring at our house. Or as Robert would classify it, mischief!

Scarlet prefers to scrape the insides of her sandwich off before eating the outsides.

Another little minion face. This one is "Smile, Scarlet!"
My bathing beauty.

 She may have decided if she moved her high chair and used it as a tent, I wouldn't notice the mischief she is getting into...

This is Scarlet helping me wash the clothes, pioneer style. It obviously leads to dirtier clothes rather than cleaner. And of course, she insists on sucking on the dusty, dirty wash rag....awesome! 

Enjoying ice cream cones on a 100 degree day at the Pioneer Village.

And the grand finale, a video! Scarlet thinks she is as clever as Tommy to "roll" down the hill. I love her version of it!

As you can see, our toddler is quite the quirky little minion. Tommy, on the other hand, has been growing up like crazy! Anyhow, hope you're having a fun and slightly crazy summer, too.

Happy Sunday!

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