Saturday, March 12, 2011

Act 1; Scene 18: The Irresistable Stubborn Face

One of the first childhood stories that Robert ever told me was about how every time his mom made spaghetti, he would not eat it. For some reason, spaghetti (one of my childhood favorites!) was NOT his cup of tea. His mom said that he had to eat it before he left the table. So he sat. 
In the words of Dr. Seuss: he sat and he sat and he sat and he sat. 

Another story he told me included the piano lessons that his parents signed him up for as a freshman in high school. He did not like this idea either. He was told that he MUST practice for 30 minutes a day. So every day, he would sit at the piano for 30 minutes. That's right--just sit. Not even touch a key. Just to prove a point, as he says. Think of how bored he must have been! Seriously, he would have enjoyed himself more if he would have even practiced just a little bit. But that is besides the point, he tells me. 

I have recently discovered what I term the I-won't-eat-spaghetti-no-matter-what-you-say face--Robert's stubborn face. He sets his mouth very tight--in almost the tiniest hint of a smile--that never budges and his eyes get this look...and then I know. He will not play along. Or he will not respond. Or he doesn't appreciate whatever weird thing it is that I am trying to do (usually with him) at the moment. 

The funny thing is--that I-will-not-eat-spaghetti-no-matter-what-you-say face makes me fight even harder. 

Last night was the most epic battle (so far...) of the stubbornness. It all started with my cowboy hat falling out of the closet and me deciding to put it on my head. Now, Robert, if you would have stifled that stubborn face for even a minute or two, I might have just put the hat back on the shelf. But, as the title reads, that face is kind of irresistible. Irresistible in the sense that I just want to tease you when you make that face. So last night I decided to do just that, and don my cowboy hat as long as I could. 

I know what my dad meant when he said "You are so fun to tease!" We must have delayed our bedtime for at least 30 minutes because Robert refused to move and so did I. I guess Robert must have been more tired that I was, because he got up and moved me out of the way first. HA! I win. 

Dear Robert, I look forward to more epic battles to come. I'll keep an eye out for that I-will-not-eat-spaghetti-no-matter-what-you-say, irresistible, face.


  1. Maybe that's where Jacob gets it... Good story.

  2. May all your "battles" be so easily fought and resolved!