Sunday, March 6, 2011

Act 1; Scene 16: New Shelves and a New Dress

YES! We are finally starting to get some decorating done in our apartment! It has seemed so bare since we took down the Christmas decorations. We even left our advent calendar on the wall until last week--merely for some wall decor.

But yesterday, that all changed. For our wedding we received some wall ledges. I know, kind of weird, right? At first I thought they were really strange looking, but we decided to just try it out. And actually, I like them a lot! They really spruce things up. Now we're experimenting with what to put on them.

We've started with some pictures, as you can see. What do you think we can put on our shelves?


Today I donned my street-bought dress from LA. Here it is!
Sadly, I noticed a tear in one of the ties. I guess that's what happens when it was $11 on the street! Off to the needle and thread with you...

Also, Provo High's production of Tartuffe opened this past weekend. And it is FUNNY! It is so fun to watch the kids doing such a great job! If you are around here, you should come see it! Closing night is this Monday, March 7th at 7pm. More pictures and stories from Tartuffe to come...


  1. the walls look good and so do you! cute dress.

  2. Great dress! You can put anything on those shelves: small plants, candles, pictures, block letters, flowers, anything would look great!

  3. I agree with each of the above comments. You'll have all sorts of fun decorating those shelves. Just think of the fun for Halloween...
    I wish I could find such cute clothes for $11.

  4. Cute dress Carson! and I thought the shelves looked great. It was fun to see you. Love M