Monday, July 11, 2011

Act 1; Scene 36: The Lavender Festival

This past weekend we had a girls' trip to Idaho. My Grandma wanted to take my mom and I to a Lavender Festival on Saturday morning, so off we went! 

At the Lavender Festival, you can sample all kinds of lavender products--lavender shortbread (tasted like perfume had been added to cookies--not my cup-o-tea); lavender lemonade (I was too chicken to try after the perfumed/cleaner cookies); lavender soaps and oils and perfumes and even stones for jewelry, made with lavender. There were two fields of all kinds of lavender flowers in the Idaho country, from which you can pick your own bundle.

Gorgeous, huh? My Mom and Grandma and I opted to make "lavender wands." 

The starts of a lavender wand
Grandma working on her wand
My finished product

It smells so good!
 Lavender is supposed to make you sleep better, so I think I will hang my wand from our bed. We shall see! All in all the smell of lavender is a wonderful thing :-)

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