Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer of Picnics #12


Place: North Park
Menu: Good old PBJ's and apples :-)
Description: Pioneer Day celebration in Provo!

Both my Mom's and Dad's ancestors picked up and came across the plains in either wagons or hand carts to Zion about 200 years ago. My whole heritage is full of Utah pioneers! And since I have been able to work at This is the Place Heritage Park as a pioneer for a few summers, I have been able to connect with my ancestors in a very real way. Needless to say, I LOVE July 24th--Pioneer Day. In fact, I am kind of a pioneer nut--I love anything about pioneers (remember my post about crossing the plains? Yeah). Robert thinks I'm kind of a freak. He knows if he ever mentions anything about pioneers, especially pioneer women, I will go crazy.

When I found out Provo was having a "Pioneer Day Extravaganza" of course I wanted to go! And boy was I pleasantly surprised (yeah--I went a little crazy) when I found the mini 1847-1860 living history museum going for the celebration!!!!

Spinning wool
The doctor's buggy

Blacksmith's apprentice at work

Hanging out the clothes. This is what I used to do every day!

 On the stilts!

My handsome Indian ;-)
We also got to see some of the Antique Car show. So cool!

1928. My grandma was 2 years old!

1918!!!!! Wow, this was cool

And of course, the old fire truck.
And last but not least, the classic picture of Robert eating his lunch.

Happy Picnicking! And Happy Pioneer Day. :-)

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