Sunday, November 13, 2011

Act 2; Scene 18: My Work Wardrobe

I work from home for an awesome HR software company. 
Emphasis on the "I work from home" part.
The "work from home" part equals "dress comfortably"

Lately, as the cold weather has hit, our apartment has been quite frigid.
Especially at my desk in front of our huge window, where there seems to be a draft.

So I decided recently that I needed to get some appropriate work clothes for my profession.

Here it is: 

My new fleece snuggie!

I know this snuggie will not only help me stay warm and comfortable, but also stay professional while I sort through all kinds of crazy data :-) These pictures were snapped by Robert when I was making some fabric flowers for my nieces (which they will someday, someday get). 
So snuggies are not only good for work, but for crafts!

Happy working, and happy snugging! :-)


  1. Cute!
    But why is your apartment so cold?

  2. this is me not commenting on the fact you have a snuggie and that mom thinks it's cute. my head is shaking profusely. how did i mislead you in this way? ;-)