Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spooktacular Meal #5 and Halloween!!!!!

Our Halloween meal may have been more of a taste success than a presentation success. We made pumpkin pancakes, and attempted to make them into Halloween shapes with chocolate chip decorations. Well...this is what we got:
See that sort of ghost? And sort of jack-o-lantern? Ha. Well, they tasted good.

After dinner we dressed up and headed to the local trunk-or-treat.  
Humperdick suffers!
Our neighbors pug. Ha!

I even added the flower Valerie keeps in her hair

After the "trunk or treat," we had a few friends over for some spooky Halloween games and treats.

Caramel apple slices with snicker pieces on top

Ryu and fantasy nerd complete with muffin top

Where's Waldo? Behind the cow girl!
We all played a Halloween story game where each person has one minute to write a part of a story including a Halloween word that is assigned. After that minute, you pass the paper to the left and cover up everything you wrote except for the last line. The next person picks up where you left off with a new Halloween word. It was hysterical! Here is a video of our favorite "story" of the night, read by the impressive Miracle Max:

Overall, one of our most enjoyable Halloweens. Now time to start thinking about next year! What should we be? What do you want to dress up as next year?


  1. Carson, you and Robert look fabulous! Sounds like you had a GREAT Halloween. Dad wants me to tell you that you scared him!

  2. What fun. And I agree with our mom, you two looked AWESOME! I remember when the kids writing those kind of silly stories only they never had assigned words to use. Good idea.

  3. I LOVE your costumes! I showed steven and he said "why can't you make us awesome costumes like that?" I can't live up to your halloween awesomeness!