Friday, December 16, 2011

Act 2; Scene 20: A Children's Nativity

Last weekend I helped put together a Nativity play for the primary kids in my home ward. We would practice and then put on the little play for the ward party breakfast. We were all pleased with a darling children's nativity outcome. There is nothing that brings the spirit like watching children enact the story of the Savior's birth. There also may not be anything more entertaining, as well. Here a few highlights from the nativity:

#1: The girl who we asked to be Mary (we assigned Mary and Joseph previous to the day) counting down the days and calling my mom about what she needed to do as Mary.

#2: The little boy acting out who was punished by having to sit by Robert during the instructions (Robert wondered who was really being punished in this situation...)

#3: The shepherds sword fighting with their staffs.

#4: The innkeeper not knowing what a manger was.
#5: Mary plunking down the baby Jesus doll in the manger when that part in the narration came.

#6: The angel coming to Mary and Joseph instead of the shepherds.

#7: Joseph telling the angel to go talk to the shepherds instead of them.

#8: The angel trying to mouth the words along with the narration.

#9: The littlest angel not wanting to come offstage with the rest of the angels and following the shepherds to the manger. Until, of course, she realized she was the only angel--then she ran offstage. 

#10: The littlest sheep (3 years old) standing right in the front of the stage, nearly blocking the manger, holding tightly to his stuffed sheep and pulling the cotton balls off of his sheep head piece. 

#11: One little pig amongst all the little sheep.

#12: Angels mouthing the word "watermelon" when they didn't know the words to "Silent Night" and giggling about it.

#13: The boy who played Joseph saying that he was glad he did it, even though he didn't want to.

#14: The angels getting to keep their sparkly headbands.

As you can tell, we had a very enjoyable time. Hope you all get to act out the Nativity this Christmas also!

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