Friday, December 16, 2011

Act 2; Scene 21: My Greatest Feat


I did something pretty incredible this past week, if I do say so myself. Many of you may know how I detest carbonation. The only soda that I will occasionally drink is root beer--and usually only in the summer time with roasted hot dogs. 

Anyhow, this past week Robert and I were invited to a Christmas party with some of our dearest friends. They had put together a little game--a root beer tasting competition. They had 5 different types of root beer (Dad's, Barq's, A&W, Stewart's, and Shasta). The participants were blind folded and had to guess which type was which.

At first I wasn't going to participate, because I didn't feel like drinking that much soda. But everyone was commenting on how different each one tasted, and I became curious.

Most participants got at least one brand correct. I think only one got two brands correct. 


It was a Christmas miracle :-). Or, a rather wonderful display of my true taste testing talents. 

Here is my victory picture:

In my friends' words, "It figures. The non soda drinker gets them all right."

Robert also did something pretty incredible.

We all had to put a cookie on our foreheads and try to get it into our mouths. Watch the way that Robert interprets these instructions--and watch the air that cookie gets!

All in all, I'd say we were a success at this fun Christmas party :-)

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  1. Such a multi-talented pair. Who would have guessed....