Monday, January 2, 2012

Act 2; Scene 23: A New Year with New Beginnings

Happy New Year!

I just love the idea of a brand new start with fresh goals and looking back at accomplishments. I was taking a look at last year's post here and thinking back on how I did with completing my goals. Although not perfect, I think I did better at being on time or early to anything I needed to be at. I am happy that I have read more books for pleasure during 2011 than I have since I started college. I would still like to spend more time each day pondering. Our family goal also went well--there were only a few mornings all year that we missed our family morning prayer.

As I reflected over the past year and pondered about what I want this year's resolutions to be, I realized what a huge thing is happening to us this year. We are about to embark on the biggest, longest, most life-altering adventure of our lives: parenthood. And yes, a million trillion people have done this but nonetheless, this is a big, BIG deal. As soon as you have a little person of your own that you are responsible to care for and pay for and clean up after and raise, you are officially an adult. Really? Sometimes I still feel like I'm 16 years old. 

I told Robert that now is the time to think about things we want to do as parents. And thus ensued a car ride to the airport of me spilling all of the ideas and traits whether big or small that I want to be a part of our parenting. I figure I'd better get cracking at turning into the kind of person I want to be as a mother :-). So here are a few New Year resolutions for this crazy, event-packed year:

1. Less complaining, more gratitude

2. Make more lunches and dinners

3. Keep up the weekly exercise

4. Take time each day to ponder

And our family goal this year is to go on a vacation--once where we actually have to travel somewhere--just as our own little family. Before or after the little one arrives. 

Happy New Year Resolution Making!


  1. Good resolutions! I suggest you go on a vacation before the baby comes. You never know what little spirit you are going to get, and if your baby is anything like ours, he/she might not be a fan of travel :) Personally, I think you are one of the best mothers out there. This babe is blessed to come to you and Robert!