Sunday, January 15, 2012

Act 2; Scene 24: Kalua Pork on a Sunday

The other week, Robert was saying he sure would like a meaty Sunday meal. 

Well, I took that to heart and decided to try Kalua pork for today's "glamorous" and "meaty" meal. 

Last night we rubbed sea salt all over the pork loin (well, Robert did that part--that kind of makes me sick) and then poured the Mesquite marinade on it and stuck it in the crock pot to slowly simmer for the whole 16 hours it was supposed to take. And then we went to bed.

And it almost killed me.

All night long I lay awake with the smell of rawish meat and Mesquite marinade permeating our apartment. I almost threw up a couple of times. But mostly I just lay there nauseous trying to cover my nose with the sheets or put my face in to Robert's back or anything that would help me keep that smell away! What was I thinking? Kalua pork?!?!? I wasn't sure if I'd be alive to eat it the next day, if I could eat it at all.

Robert woke up and said "Mmmmm it smells good!"


Fortunately, with a little breakfast and a trip to church to air out my nostrils, I was feeling much better by lunch time, and it was smelling better every minute. I am happy to report that the dinner was a success. The meat just fell apart when we took it out, and was so juicy and succulent. We ate it with some brown rice on toasted tortillas with lime juice. Delicious! I was so happy that it tasted good and I felt like eating it. That is very good considering we have a ton left over. 

I really should have taken a picture of our delicious pork, but I didn't. I know the blog has been sadly lacking pictures lately. So how about this picture I took of us today lounging after stake conference:

If you look really close, you can see the strange rash that has been showing up around my eyes lately. Thankfully my glasses hide it pretty well. But isn't my man a stud?!?!

Here are few more pictures to look at--my Broadway Bound kids (5-7 year olds) at the December performance. They are pretty awesome!

I just love how Jacob seems to be looking right at us, mid-kick!
That's about it from here. Apparently our baby is about the size of an apple this week. I am told that I shouldn't be sick or queasy any more at this point (15 weeks--almost 16). I am looking forward to that coming true. Come on, little apple...no more messing around! 


  1. I'm glad you could at least enjoy the pork. And how about sharing that recipe, please.

  2. 1. Get a 3lb pork loin or shoulder.
    2. Trim off the fat
    3. Rub it with coarse sea salt
    4. put in the crock pot and smother it with mesquite flavored marinade
    5. Cook on low for app. 16 hours (or until it falls apart)