Monday, July 30, 2012

Act 2; Scene 51: The Novelty Called Grocery Shopping

Today is Monday.
I went grocery shopping this past Friday evening.
That means we should be able to last, and I shouldn't be really thinking about writing a grocery list until Thursday, or at least Wednesday this week.
So why am I already thinking and planning what we need and what I want to make and what I will purchase this upcoming weekend (still almost a week away)? 
Why am I already scanning all of the coupons and writing lists with crossed off and squeezed in items?
Why am I re-configuring our grocery expenditures several times at the beginning of the week, when we haven't even made it through half of the items from last week?

I'll tell you why.
Grocery shopping has become my big, weekly adventure.
Every Friday, Robert comes home to take care of Thomas, and I get to take one hour to go to the grocery store.
I spend all week scavenging coupons, writing and re-writing lists, and deciding what I am going to wear (big, I know) for my grocery trip.
Every Friday I do my hair and makeup and actually pick out an outfit for my big adventure--at Target or Smith's. 
I guess you could say I so look forward each week to this grand event, that I just can't help planning for the next one right after the weekly trip.

Who knew grocery shopping could be so rewarding? And the bonus is I am learning about all kinds of ways to get free coupons and how to stack and save with them. It's definitely an adrenaline rush to find a coupon saving me 75 cents on milk, or a dollar on cheese (hurray!)
In fact, maybe I'll try a new kind of cheese this week with my coupon...

Is it Friday yet?

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  1. Oh, I remember those days. John would work 1/2 day on Wednesday and then it was "my turn". I never liked taking the kids to the grocery store and would always plan my "adventures" to take place when he was home to care for them. (was that devious?)