Saturday, December 29, 2012

Act 3; Scene 28: I'll Be Home for Christmas


This was definitely a land-mark Christmas for our little Center family.

Tommy's first Christmas

And we bought ourselves a house.

And a washer and dryer (!!!)

We basically barely made it to the house by Christmas. We moved everything in, and three days later we packed up our things and headed back to the McFarland's for the Christmas holiday.

And since pictures are worth 1000 words, here are a few million words in pictures portraying this epic Christmas:

The views from my kitchen windows on our first morning in the new house; Friday, December 21

From my point of view, relaxing at my parent's Christmas eve day
All of the Roberts--Robert Duane, Robert J, Robert Thomas, Robert WC, and Robert Lucas (in the back)

The traditional Christmas Eve gift--lego transformer dudes
Family Christmas picture here, since we had no tree
Chillin' with Grandpa Bob

Excited on Christmas morning!    

 First present!
Opening his stocking

An ornament snowman that says Thomas!

Having tons of fun in his new saucer at the new house
 Views out the kitchen windows the day after Christmas!

And that sums it up for now. More pictures of the house and its occupants to come!

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  1. Happiness is home and family and the gospel to tie it all together.