Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Act 3; Scene 29: Since the world did not, in fact, end--we get resolutions for a new year

Here we are at the beginning of another new year (even if it is to the Mayan's chagrin).

I love the feeling of a fresh start and a chance to review how we have grown in the past year and set new goals for the coming months. 

As I was reviewing last year's post, I realized that after July 1st happened, any thoughts of my year's goals went out the window and I automated to survival mode. I peered through the fog of the past six months to find if any of my goals had made it through the year. Thankfully some of them were so entrenched that I still managed to do pretty well. I did keep up on the exercising (I'm pretty much addicted to it at this point); I think I ended up making some new and exciting dinners, although making lunch for Robert took a rapid and steep decline; and the survival mode did not help with the less complaining, more gratitude goal.

Squinting through the fog did make me see a few things that I have realized about myself this year:
  • I have much less patience and understanding than I thought I had
  • I have much more patience and understanding than I thought I had
  • Babies missing naps send me into meltdown mode (often moreso than the baby...)
  • Lack of sleep produces said meltdown modes 
  • I picked the perfect husband for myself (good thing he was willing!)
  • I'm really good at baby talking
  • I'm a worry wort
  • I don't know all of the words to primary songs that I thought I did
  • I tend to be scheduled, organized, and orderly, and expect my baby to be the same way
  • Motherhood is not an automatic cure-all for selfishness, at least not in my case: I need to make sure Motherhood does not increase it
  • I have the most awesome amazing wonderful kind loving family in the world
  • I am starting to understand how having a physical body is such a huge challenge
I read through my post about anticipating motherhood and all of the goals and hopes and dreams I had associated with that. I definitely had/have specific ideas about how I want that to be. Now I think I have a different idea of what resolutions can help me in my motherhood experience, and I'm sure every year will shape these ideas and resolutions. Here are my 2013 resolutions:

1. Relax and enjoy my baby

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables every day

3. Find ways to make our home a place we want to come home to--find some way to do this every day

4. Take more time to ponder (will this be a continual resolution?)

Robert and I also discussed our family goal for this year. It is:

Do more family history work.

We had the opportunity of finding one of Robert's ancestors who had not had her temple work done--and we did it. It was amazing. We love all of the information that we have been uncovering about our ancestors, and we know there is so much more to find. Our goal is to make sure our ancestors (all that we can find) have their temple work done, and to discover more of their stories in the process. 
I am very excited about this fresh start. I have cleared most of the newborn fog from my vision and am exciting to see how I will be able to see things more clearly. 

And, it just happens to be Tommy's half birthday today--6 months old. 

sitting up!

...and falling down

Happy half birthday to Tommy, and Happy New Year to you!

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