Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Act 3; Scene 30: New Year's Eve

We were so excited to have people over to our new house, even if there are some bare walls and scattered boxes. The McFarlands came over for a New Year's Eve party.

We had dinner:

Played with the baby:

 Toasted our favorite 2012 happenings with sparkling cider and Shirley Temples:

Luke pulling off a "smolder" face...I wonder what his resolutions are?!

The "Shirley Temple"

We also played a few very rousing games of UNO, and finished off the night by playing Apples to Apples until we had gone through all of the red cards. Did you get that? All. Of. The. Red. Cards. That was one heck of an Apples to Apples game, and we were all pretty loopy by the time the New Year came in. 

It was a wonderful holiday, even if we did stay up about 3 1/2 hours later than usual. As a New Year gift, Tommy slept without a peep until about 6:40am. Yes!

The next day I made the best decision of the New Year...turned my cheesecake bites (delicious, but missing something...) into peanut butter cheesecake bites a la whip cream. 

Yup, that was a good decision.

And now on to the new year! How has your year been so far? Doing well with resolutions? (I struggled with my first one this morning, but I think I am back on track now).

Happy resolving!

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