Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Act 3 Scene 34: It's Taking Over Our House!

The other day I was noticing how our house is seemingly overrun with "things" for the baby. I took a few pictures to illustrate.

In the living room
Corner in the living room

Dining area

Kitchen area (don't mind the morning mess)

Door to the drama room upstairs

Front sitting room

On the landing

In the guest bathroom

Play spot in the master bedroom.
Ah! Who knew such a little guy could take over!

He is seriously spoiled--never a dull moment with all this stuff all over the place.

And here he is enjoying one of his many toys

Stay happy, little camper.


  1. has the leapfrog table been out to play yet?

  2. Happy boy. Happy home. It looks just like it's supposed to look.