Monday, April 1, 2013

Act 3; Scene 42: Easter at Our House

We're excited around here to start our own holiday traditions.

One of which may be hosting an Easter dinner for the family. We also did this last year, so I think this tradition may be sticking. :-)

I have been very excited planning the Easter spread and table. Here's a look at how it turned out.

Notice Robert cutting the traditional ham...

Everyone got a glass full of jello and a little Easter candy-filled box as a place card. Can you see the salted caramel popcorn in the Easter tin sticking out behind that jello? Yum! Find the recipe here.
And while those are not real flowers, they are the best I could do with the leftovers from making my pretty wreath. There are even some sparkly eggs among the flowers :-).  

My mother said that when she told one of her friends that we were hosting Easter dinner, her friend was impressed that I was cooking for everyone. I would like to clarify something here--I planned the menu and placed the ham in the roasting oven. Robert checked the ham, made the glaze and applied it, baked the potatoes, and readied the broccoli and cauliflower for steaming (although I started them steaming--that counts for something, right?) My mom brought rolls and cupcakes. So really, the only things I made were the jello and the salted caramel popcorn. I guess you can see where my heart truly lies--with the goodies!

But the table looks lovely, yes?

Another tradition--Easter family photos! Only one of us got a new Easter outfit this year. Mr. Spoiled :-).

You can see some of my wreath in the background
We also decided that Tommy was way cuter than us--so he should have a photo shoot of his own. Here are a few of those.

...OK that was a lot of pictures but I just couldn't help it!

And I would be remiss if I didn't post a few pictures from the neighborhood Easter egg hunt we attended on Saturday morning.

While confused at first, once he realized the eggs rattled, he was excited to pick them up. I think he was mostly excited to watch all of the other kids around him, and of course to shove the eggs in his mouth.

I realized yesterday how completely distracted I was by prepping our dinner and spread and fun for the day. I had been so looking forward to it and getting things ready the whole week! However, I had hardly spent one thought on WHY we were even celebrating Easter. 

So here's a little reminder for myself, and anyone else who needs it:

This is something we should remember a lot more than just Easter Sunday, anyway.

We also watched one of these. Very uplifting.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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  1. We enjoyed our April Fool's Day dinner. So fun to be with you & Robert & Tommy. Thank you bunches and bunches.