Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Act 3; Scene 41: Painting Project: Check!

For the past two weekends we have been laboriously painting our house.

Well, the living room, dining area, and kitchen.

Whose idea was it to paint the kitchen around all of those nooks and crannies and molding? Oy!

Anyway, here are some "before" pictures from when the previous owners lived here:

Lovely yellow-ish cream underscored by forest green two-toned.

More yellowish creamy goodness.

And here is our take on the living and eating areas of this house:

It's a very cloudy day so a little hard to see in this picture...but the gray and white is so much better and brighter! Notice how much bigger the window looks with the curtains up much higher, as well.

Ah, that's better. Obviously behind in the decorating factor, but the paint is awesome!

Bright white kitchen windows

The kitchen is much brighter with the new white background

And this giant white wall might be a little too white...but it looks very bright and clean  

I think I need to take some more pictures when there is better light, but I couldn't wait to show it off! There was a definite learning curve to the painting (like don't back into the wall!)
 but overall I think we did a pretty great job.

And now to show off my best DIY project yet--the kitchen chalk board!

Why yes, I did make that. I spray painted the frame, had masonite cut at Home Depot and painted it with chalk board paint, and there you have it.

Now...on to the yard (yikes)!

Happy Home Improvement :-)

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  1. I am IMPRESSED. The house looks lovely - I am a huge fan of gray. Congratulations!