Saturday, June 1, 2013

Act 3; Scene 49: Kicking off Summer with a 5k!

This morning, we woke up early.

(Funny...we're always trying to get the baby to sleep in longer....)

We got dressed up in running attire, and headed down to Springville.

On the way!

Slightly bleary eyed this morning
We joined the entire city of Springville and all of their friends

These pictures just don't capture how many people were there. When we started the race, we couldn't even run because there wasn't room to! We took up the entire road, all packed in like sardines. There were 2,258 runners!

And we lined up for our first stroller 5k! 

All bundled up for the chilly morning

Both of these pictures were taken while we were running. In action, baby!

And we did it! Robert and Tommy at 30:30, and me tailing them at 31:20
Pretty good for pushing a stroller and squeezing through the crowds

Then we gathered apples, bananas, popsicles, power bars, water bottles, and cheese sticks and found a place to camp out on the grass and wait for the drawing. (Tommy ate a whole banana, might I add)
They had $10,000 worth of prizes to give away, and man they had tons of cool stuff. We were really hoping to win something.

And I DID!

A $20 gift card to Olive Garden and......a whole bunch of iced tea. Nestea, to be exact.


Me wondering what I will do with all of this iced tea
We thought we'd hang around for the whole drawing to see if Robert could win one of the bikes, or Visa gift cards, or trampolines, or tents...

But we decided to head out a bit early for this little trooper.

All in all, a very successful morning. We got all sorts of yummy treats, a t-shirt, gift card, AND a workout. 

We'll definitely be here next year!

Happy Saturday, all!

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  1. You kids amaze me. Mostly I am amazed at what you can get Robert to do. Must be a ton of love hangin' around in your family.