Sunday, August 17, 2014

Act 5; Scene 1: The Start of Year Five

Hip Hip Hooray!

It's been 4 years.

I just read last year's anniversary post, and I had mentioned that it felt for sure more like 10 years. Funny, because I feel the same way today. Four just isn't a big enough number for all the love, life, experience, and goals we have shared together. In fact, today Robert told me he felt like we waited for a while before we started having kids. But then...we are already expecting #2 and we have only been married four years...funny how time is deceiving :-).

Here are some highlights from our fourth year as a family:

A trip to Virginia for Katie's wedding:

We bought a pass to Thanksgiving Point (best thing ever!):
Museum of Ancient Life
The farm
Children's Gardens
Digging for dinosaur bones at the Museum
First Center Family Thanksgiving and Christmas for Thomas (in St. George!):

A successful vacation after two rather unsuccessful ones last year:

A new baby on the way:

A Southern Utah trip with cousins:

A birthday party:

And a camping trip:

What an awesome year.  We love our life together as a family. We're so grateful we have the opportunity to have it last for eternity. Bring it on!!!

Happy Anniversary!

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  1. honoured to be included in your post -- and be the leading photo -- about the start of your 5th year together. congrats!