Sunday, September 7, 2014

Act 5; Scene 2: Wrap Up of Summer

Well folks, it appears summer has come to an end. August is gone, my BYU class and Broadway Bound classes have started, Tommy's co-op preschool has started,  and there's been rain and some chill in the breeze. My giant dahlias still haven't bloomed, but I hear they're more of a fall flower anyway. 

We celebrated the end of summer by going to the Land of Summer--St. George--for Labor Day Weekend. Here's a little picture tour of some of our weekend:

First time I've seen a real scorpion in the "wild"

Kolob Canyon morning hike

Notice Grandpa carrying Tommy

The perfect walking stick

Fun in the splash pad

St. George carousel

Went to feed the ducks, found out turtles like the bread even more!

One of three friendly, bread-eating turtles

Can you spot the humming bird?
We also spent some quality time playing with Roy and Rosie, eating delicious caprese pizza as well as pumpkin and apple pie, watching "Captain Phillips" (we highly recommend this one!), and just having a good time together.

And now we say...bring on the fall!

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