Friday, January 9, 2015

Act 5; Scene 19: Our Baby Will Be Born Tomorrow

This is really weird. We are sitting on the couch watching Shark Tank, contemplating about how our baby daughter WILL be born tomorrow.

Sometime after 7am, which is when we need to be at the hospital.


In some ways the schedule of it is nice--I can make sure I am showered and the fridge is full and the house is clean. But it is very surreal, and also gives me some time to freak out. Which I am controlling really well, if I say so myself. 

It does kind of take away some of the mystery and excitement and surprise--knowing when the baby is coming. I guess I can say I didn't know until today, since we were hoping she would have come by now.

I guess right now I had better go to bed so I can get some rest, if I can sleep at all. Hopefully this blasted cold will be mostly gone by tomorrow. Hopefully it was the right decision to go along with the scheduled inducement. Hopefully the labor is quick and easy. 

But whatever happens, a new little girl fresh from heaven will get her chance at life tomorrow. And we are lucky enough to be her parents. 

Wish us luck.

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