Friday, February 25, 2011

Act 1; Scene 15: Friday Night

Now this is unusual. 

Today it was me (me!) who got home first, and I am not staying ultra late at school/work/play. Even though I did stay late--later than the time Robert was going to be home.

But now he is the one that is at work late! This, I am fairly certain, is a first ever occurrence for a Friday night. As I sit in the very quiet and kind of dark (all of our light-bulbs keep burning out!) apartment, I ponder on what I should do to fill up my Friday night at home. 

I don't need to make dinner since Robert got Cafe Rio at work and dropped off his left-overs for me on his way back to work. I did already do some dishes. And I just pulled some sugar cookies out of the oven, made with dough I had frozen for a rainy (or lonely) night like tonight.  Now that was some good thinking ahead :-)

I am rather exhausted, since on top of a longish day at work I ended up having two--yes, that's right, two--emotional break downs today. And in front of people, no less. And when I say emotional break down, I mean the I-can't-control-the-muscles-in-my-face, weird-sounds-are-coming-out-of-my-mouth, hard-to-breath sobbing type. Two of them. So a nap is sounding rather nice right now. 

And now I have just posted on the blog. Wahoo! What would you do on an unexpectedly lonely Friday night when you are feeling emotionally exhausted?


  1. I would get a bowl Corn Pops, cozy up on the couch (maybe a Mountain Dew to go with it -- yeah, I know...), and watch Benjamin Button or one of the Ocean's movies.

  2. I'm sorry Carson! The nights are always harder when your husband isn't there, and coupled with a bad day...bummer. I try and do things like paint my nails, facial masks, etc...having a 'girls night/maintenance night' to do all of those things that sometimes I don't like to do while Steven's around :)

    Stay strong! Things can always get better!

  3. I did end up with sugary goodness while watching some of "Bones" on TV! A girly night sounds fantastic as well :-)

  4. Carson you are going to be the most awesome teacher. Hang in there! From your biggest fans!

  5. Those days are hard! Being a teacher is many things but it is also draining! For days like that (when the hub isn't home) I usually find our stash of treats, put on comfy clothes, and watch Harry Potter. Is that totally lame of me or what?! But it's true and I'm not even ashamed of it. I miss you lots and am sure that all your students love you! If you ever need to talk about teaching, theatre, life, or whatever just give me a call!