Monday, May 30, 2011

Act 1; Scene 32: The Magic Papa John's Toilet

One of our neighbors has an interesting yard decoration.

A toilet, sitting right in the middle of the front yard, leaning against the entry stairs. On top of the toilet sits a Papa John's Pizza sign--the kind that you would put on the top of your car if you're a delivery man for Papa John's.

I have been watching this "decoration" (or junk-oration) for the past six months, wondering why it was there. The house has become known as the Papa John's Toilet house.

It was not until spring flowers started to bloom that I realized the necessity of the Papa John's Toilet in the yard...

It was magic.

During spring, the yard transformed into a garden of tulips, daffodils, and other spring-time flowers. It was gorgeous! A yard FULL of flowers. I realized that the only way to transform that little yard into that beauty sprang from the Magic Papa John's Toilet, which now had tulips bursting out of the bowl. 


All hail to the Magic Papa John's Toilet.


  1. So I get the toilet (and have even seen it before!), but then what's with the pizza sign?

  2. the flowers are magnificent! but the toilet...and sign...questionable...