Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer of Picnics #4


Place: The living room of our apartment in Provo
Menu: Hot dogs, fresh garden salad, and BBQ chips
Sum-Up Description: Rained out...again.

This week we were very excited to explore a new park on Memorial Day for our picnic.

The continuous rain all through Sunday night, and the sleet coming down hard Monday late morning forced us to change our plans. Not only was it rainy (and sleety!) out, but it was COLD!

So we decided to make our living room into a park. We spread out a blanket and took our one indoor house plant as our center piece, to make it feel more outsidey (haha). 

And we discovered this: you can have a picnic wherever you choose! Our indoor picnic was a ton of fun. And the salad was fresh and delicious, thanks to our amazing bountiful basket.

And best news of the day...my brother came home from his mission!!!!!!

Welcome home, Luke!

And happy picnicking, all!

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  1. That darn rain. It's supposed to be summertime!! I bet it's so fun having your brother home!