Saturday, May 7, 2011

Act1; Scene 30: An Over-Dramatic Wife

I really like drama.
I tend to be fairly dramatic.
I have a college degree in drama, for heaven's sake!

I like to refer to my dramatic side as my passionate side. 
My father had the foresight to warn my husband-to-be, when he asked if he could marry me, of this fact--claiming that I can often be "intense" and "passionate." 

So I don't know why Robert is continually surprised by my passionate take on...
well, nearly everything.

For instance, this morning I pulled out my deodorant and found the white stick dislodged from the container.  When I took off the lid it tumbled out altogether. Immediately I gasped in horror at the awful sight of potentially ruined deodorant in descent. But when it hit the floor, I saw that it was not cracked and placed in neatly back in its container, no harm done. I turned around and nearly ran into Robert, looking flushed from his run from the living room and asking with a very worried look "What is it? What's wrong?" He only walked away rolling his eyes when he got the explanation.

Not even an hour later, I began blow drying my hair. I have recently had my nose in The Hunger Games which of course is very hard to put down. And I was just in one of the most exciting parts! I thought, why would I waste time only drying my hair when I could be reading and drying at the same time? So I placed myself on the floor, Indian style, book open, and hair dryer blowing. As I think you can already guess, I am a very "vocal" reader. I always have passionate conversations with my novels. And this one is no exception. During a very intense moment in the arena of The Hunger Games, I let out a howl and growl for the main characters, and then started venting my frustration at the book. In no time at all, Robert was at my side with that same flushed look. He had thought I had burned myself with the blow dryer, or inflicted some other hideous wound.

 Poor Robert. He can tell you other stories about driving in the car with me, or going on a walk with me, that have had similar results. All I can say is--you were warned! Honey, I guess you just have:

An Over-Dramatic Wife.


  1. Dear Robert --

    Wait until you have kids and they all inherit your wife's traits. Isn't it in Calvin and Hobbes where the father mutters something under his breath about having all these great genes that are, alas, recessive? :)

    Carson -- Glad I'm not the only husband who has such drama to deal with. :)

  2. I'm just thankful Robert has such an awesome wife. Keep him on his toes, no matter what it takes.

  3. Passion just like your Dad!