Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer of Picnics #13


Place: Orem City Park (our first picnic in our new city!)
Menu: Pasta salad and fresh, delicious fresh strawberries :-)
Description: Parks, strawberries, kilts, and bagpipes

Robert and I decided to head out and enjoy the gorgeous evening at the park up the street in our new city of Orem. And what do you know? While we were eating our DELICIOUS strawberries, we saw people settling down with chairs and blankets by the little amphitheater. And then, all of a sudden, this happened:

That's right! A little bit of good ol' Scottish heritage!

And Robert found a friend, too:

A four month old pitbull. Surprisingly very sweet, playful, and friendly :-)

Strawberry faces!!!

And here's a little more Scottish heritage:

So fun! Happy picnicking!
And now, for a little apartment preview....

I'm lovin the new accessories. We still have a long way to go, but we are slowly getting there, and I couldn't resist putting up some pictures of a few things we have been playing around with. I just wish we had better lighting for those amazing paintings! Better pictures to come......


  1. Wow what a surprise on your picnic. I love the picture of the new apartment. It looks great!

  2. This is Kim commenting, not Ben. He doesn't usually use ! when writing. :)

  3. puppies, strawberries, bagpipes...what fun
    and your apartment is looking warm and homey - a place you like to be