Saturday, September 10, 2011

Act 2; Scene 7: What I will be doing this fall

I have been SOOO busy lately. And this is why:

This fall I am directing "Beauty and the Beast, Jr." at Oak Canyon Junior High. We had our first week of rehearsals last week. After learning lots of music and one dance, it's on to blocking next week! I can't believe how awesome these Jr. High kids are. Seriously, so much talent! And they all have so much...energy. Here we go!

Another thing I am doing this fall is working for Center Stage Youth Performers in Pleasant Grove.
I am an assistant for the oldest group in Performance Company, and the Director of the Broadway Bound group (5-7 years old).

Last week was my first week there. Those little 5-7 year olds are a HOOT! Here are a few of my favorite stories from the first day:
 Makylee calling out "Hey! Hey! I'm hungry." And then about 20 minutes later, "I'm hungry." And then fifteen minutes after that "Hey! I'm hungry." Oh man, what do you say? I'm hungry too! Haha hopefully she will eat a snack before she comes next time.
When I asked if anyone had any questions about the song we were learning, a girl raised her hand and said "You have really pretty earrings." And then Makylee (I have a feeling she's gonna give us lots of funny stories) calling out "Hey! You sing pretty"
These little guys sure do make you feel good. I'm excited for the rest of the year!

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  1. There is nothing better than hanging out with children! They make me smile every day! You are going to be great Carson!