Sunday, September 25, 2011

Act 2; Scene 9: The Joy of Shape Tag

I have discovered a game that kids of all ages adore in drama classes.

Shape Tag.

Not sure what it is about it--but my high school students loved it, my junior high students love it, my 5-7 year olds love it, and even in my college classes we loved playing it.
It goes like this: everyone gets into a circle. One person who is "it" goes in the middle and makes a creative "shape" with their body. The next person in line gets to go and make a creative shape, filling the negative space of the other person's shape. Basically, the second person makes the two of them into a statue. Then the first person goes back to the circle while the second person stays frozen in place. The next person in line gets to come and make a shape, and so on. Eventually you graduate to people just jumping in and making a shape in any random order. The goal is to work on going with your instinct--just jump in and make a crazy shape.

People love it.

People love excuses to be crazy and to go with instinct without thinking for hours about what to do. People like having permission to do crazy things. People like making "creative" shapes.

Here is a picture of my 5-7 year old class's shape tag statue. On the last round, everyone stays a part of the shape and becomes one big statue. They're pretty cute, aren't they?

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