Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Act 2; Scene 8: The Countdown Begins

Guess what?

It's fall! And it has officially been fall for about two weeks now, I would say.

Do you know what this means? 

It means Halloween is getting closer! In fact, it is only 41 days away. That means in the next 41 days we will window shop at ALL of the beautiful Halloween decorations, decorate the house, paint toenails orange and black, carve pumpkins, make tasty fall treats, make pumpkin shaped cakes, wear loads and loads of Halloween socks, make apple cider, host Halloween parties, wear Halloween jewelry, have a Halloween-themed birthday celebration, wear vampire teeth, and best of all--go to costume parties :-).

This also means that you have 41 days to guess what Robert and I will be sporting for Halloween costumes. I will occasionally give a hint about our costumes in the next 40 days, and you can guess by posting a comment! If we already told you (we can't remember exactly who we told...) please don't tell! Leave your guess, and on Halloween we'll reveal the amazing get up. 

Here is the first clue: we just ordered bald caps for each of us for our costumes. 

Happy Guessing, and Happy Haunting!

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