Monday, September 10, 2012

Act 3; Scene 4: Overalls and a Sideways Video

When I found out I was having a baby boy, there was one thing I knew I wanted lots of.


I just love baby boys of all ages in overalls, long or short. They are so adorable!

Thanks to my mom and sister-in-law Kim, I have a few to choose from. And I found out on Sunday that Tommy is finally big enough for the smallest overalls I have. So he sported them to church, of course:

So handsome! It's strange to see how big he is getting already, and yet it feels like he hasn't grown at all...can I even remember what he was like as a brand new little guy?

Thomas is definitely an active little bugger. He loves to sit up (as you can see from the pictures), stand up, and kick and kick and kick. He has taken to kicking his legs and flailing his arms while panting like a puppy dog in his bouncy chair. It is too funny. I was so happy that I recorded it the other day--but of course, I have sleep-deprived baby brain. I forgot that you can't record on the camera sideways. So I have a sideways video. Argh! But hopefully you can hear his puppy dog breathing and see his thrashing legs. He can keep it up for hours (well, almost an hour :-) )

That's our little kicker.

More to come from him later.

For now, we're all feeling a bit like this

So off we go to catch up on Zzzzz's.

Happy napping!

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  1. We wore a lot of OshKosh coveralls at our house when the kids were little - boys and girls. I love them, too. And Tommy looks particularly handsome in them. All that kicking and waving means he's growing. Love the baby sounds. He's a cutie and very blessed to have such great parents.