Sunday, September 30, 2012

Act 3; Scene 6: A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Whew, a TON has happened in the past week or so!

Too much to write about. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm just going to let about a million or more worth of words be said by posting a picture tour of our week.

We'll begin with last Sunday, the baby blessing day:

Just before the blessing

Friends at the park

Picnic with family and friends at the park

Tommy peacing out during the whole picnic

At home

Lovin' his new toy from Aunt Suzanne

On Monday, we were out ALL DAY. It started with the Tracy Aviary, a picnic at the park, the City Creek Mall, and then dinner with my parents at their house.

You can't tell from the picture how ginormous this bird was

Tommy definitely has an owl face expression in this one!

On Wednesday we went up the canyon for dinner at Sundance

I was excited to wear my "vintage" shirt, brooch, and earrings to Sundance

Grandpa playing with Thomas

And oddly enough, I realize that I don't actually have that many pictures from the week--and some activities were completely skipped over by the camera, such as

Walking the Bridal Veil Falls trail
eating Cafe Rio
Going to Chalk the Block at the Riverwoods
Playing games at home with the fam
Lunching at Kneaders, then more Riverwoods

As you can see, it was a busy few days stuffed full of fun activities.
Whew! It might take us another week to recover from all the fun :-)


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