Friday, March 15, 2013

Act 3; Scene 39: Lots of Pie!

We had a big event planned last night for "Pi Day."

It was going to be our first time having friends from our new ward over to our house. We invited four couples--three of which also have one baby boy! We knew the timing would be a bit tricky with the babies, but we thought we would try because, after all, Pi Day only happens once a year!

But yesterday, one by one, our wardies started bailing. A family photo shoot; car troubles in Salt Lake; terrible morning sickness; and then, at 7pm came the final news--fussy and tired baby.

So.....no one could come. And I had one pie in the fridge, and one in the oven, and games ready to go. I'm glad I decided to only have two pies instead of three!

Fortunately, my dear friend (who is expecting...you guessed it! a baby boy!) was home alone thanks to tax season and we cajoled her into coming over and eating pie and drawing some pi pictures.

The game was: what can you make out of "pi"?

A mushroom!
Thomas really liked playing with the paper
Lauren working on her creation
My fuzzy monster pi thing
Lauren's pi horse!
And of course I forgot to take a picture of us eating the pie...so here is the berry pie, almost ready to put in the fridge!

Hope you all had a lovely Pi Day!

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