Monday, March 18, 2013

Act 3; Scene 40: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

True to form, I had to try one of my many Pinterest holiday ideas for St. Patrick Day neighbor treats!

So I went for these: candy-coated pretzels in shaped like shamrocks!

Well, that's how they were supposed to look. Here are how mine turned out:

granted, these were some of the worst looking ones

But overall, I think the treat baggies turned out looking pretty cute. And they tasted DELICIOUS. Who doesn't like chocolate candy-coated pretzels?!?

I also had a *sort of* St. Patty's Day dinner planned for us.


I had spent so much time creating pretzel shamrocks, I failed to note that I missed one crucial item for our dinner. We were supposed to have four leaf clover quiche....but the way it worked out I couldn't shape it, so it turned into just regular quiche. And then I didn't have quite the right ingredients for the whole quiche, so after some substituting and adding, as well as accidentally making the dough for two quiche crusts into one quiche crust...this is what we came up with:

And...it was surprisingly amazing! Who knew quiche could be so forgiving? And do you see that giant crust full of two sticks of butter? The quiche oozed so much that the cookie sheet was covered in a layer of buttery grease. Let me tell you--that crust is de.li.cious. Just don't think about what you're eating. :-)

Here's to our St. Patty's Feast! Quiche with a lemonade/sprite/pineapple green drink!

...Not much of a feast, right? Oh well. We had snacked on TONS of pretzels the rest of the day.

Maybe next year we'll get a four leaf clover quiche. Or not. But we will definitely be making more quiche in the future!

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  1. I came across your blog because of the comment you made on Emily Gurney's blog...and Imma gonna need that quiche recipe. Looks delicious! And yes, those pretzels were delicious too!