Thursday, January 2, 2014

Act 4; Scene 21: 2014 New Year Resolutions

It's no secret, I LOVE resolutions, goal setting, list making, and evaluating.

This is one reason I love New Year's so much. 

What a great opportunity to chuck old habits and start fresh with bold ambition and clarity for a great new year. But the only way to make a goal is to have some sort of a formal check set up for yourself. So here I am, publicly placing my resolutions to help me have more motivation to succeed and reflect on my progress the next year.

I was reviewing last year's resolutions, and first of all was impressed by the insights I had written there. Really, I think I hit it spot on for myself. It was good to review and think about where I was last year and where I am now, even if much of it is the same. I definitely have learned to chill and enjoy my baby, much more than I did last year. There was a time that I was eating many more fruits and veggies during the year, but that has sadly regressed over the past two months (darn you fall and holidays!). I'll still count it as a success since two months out of twelve isn't too bad :-). Not sure how well I made our home a place we want to come home to. I can think of days of success and days of failure for that one. But I have taken more time to ponder since I've changed my scripture reading to during nap instead of at night. I think that could use more improvement too, however. I said to Robert as I reviewed the post, "this is why journal writing is so important! Things you write a year ago can resound with you when you read them again the next year!" And with that came the first on my list of resolutions...

1. Write in my journal at least twice a week.

2. Not talk so much about money; how expensive something is, how much it cost, what deals I found, etc.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables every day.

4. Focus on making our home a Christ centered home; specifically by decreasing my own temper tantrums (seriously a toddler's are enough; we don't need mommy meltdowns daily as well)

Robert and I again discussed our family resolution for this year. Last year our goal was to do more family history. And we have! We have found more names, and taken some to the temple. We have also found more stories and insights. Of course, we can always do more! Our goal this year is gutsy. It will be very hard for us, and we hope very rewarding. Our goal is this:

1. Go to the temple twice a month.

That might not seem very challenging to some, but our days and weeks and months get so crazy full that I know it will be for us. We will have to really stick to the plan and prepare to be able to accomplish this one, especially when working around Thomas. I am so excited for this family goal. I am excited to make temple worship at the forefront of our family.

Hope you made some resolutions for yourself this year. And hey, it's only January 2nd--you still have time!

Happy New Year!

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